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JIFFY snail eggs are obtained from Helix Aspersa land snails with 3-6 mm diameter eggs. They look like pearls, that’s why they are called forest pearls. The product is on the list of the recognized delicacies of the world.

Everyone describes the taste of the eggs in his/her own way. Here is one of the most striking impressions:
“... The freshness of the forest after the rain, the aromas of mushrooms, oak leaves, the soft smell of damp peat moss, so you will immerse yourself in the aromas of the autumn...”
Only you will know the taste of the eggs for yourself. However, it is a recognized fact that snail eggs are a gastronomic delicacy.
We offer snail eggs for retail, personal consumption and wholesale supplies for HoReCa, distribution in Ukraine, as well as for export.

100% natural product:

Nutritional value100 g

Calories119 kcal

Proteins24,30 g

Fat1,8 g

Carbohydrates1,5 g

The composition includes: phospholipids, minerals, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, calcium, silicon, iodine, and vitamins: A, D, E, unsaturated fatty acids.Combined with: seafood, meat and vegetables.

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Eggs in a jar (Coming soon)

Jiffy Diamonds with sauce.

Contents: fresh Helix Aspersa snail eggs

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Eggs without dressing

For wholesale (restaurants, culinary industries).
You can dress it to your taste

In stock. Any volume is possible

Expiration date:

The eggs are carefully selected by hand, then marinated and packed in a special container.

Shelf life:

6 months if kept sealed and unopened.
1 week after opening.



Delivery by any means of transport is possible. We are always ready to discuss it. We have all the necessary documents and permits for export.



If you have a non-standard eggs packing request, write to us and we will discuss everything.