Business workshop

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JIFFY is a snail farming complex with modern developed infrastructure located on a 4 ha area. Production capacity is 50 tons of snails. We have something to share with the beginners.

Snail is a symbol of persistence, the one who completes the action, even if it moves slowly. ©
Let’s be honest with each other at once. We will neither talk about how easy it is nor create an illusion that clogs the entire internet, that this is “business for the lazy ones.” You will learn from us what it really takes to run this business and what practical solutions exist to grow a truly quality product.
First, we built a farm from scratch with all communications in one place: breeding facilities, refrigerator, feeding field, incubator, boiler room and all necessary technical facilities.
We have worked ourselves through each organizational process (from the choice of the constructor to the landing of snails). We conducted an in-depth analysis of all the stages and created a clear idea of what modern snail farming in Ukraine should be like.
We are now sharing with you a specially designed business practicum program that will give you a hands-on guide on “How to start your snail-growing business properly.”


You will get:

    Information for effective “full cycle” snails cultivation: lifehacks and secrets from practitioners
    Knowledge on how to build a farm
    Recommendations for suppliers in Ukraine
    Step-by-step tutorials for each step
    Financial plan for your needs
    Favourable conditions for the purchase of products

We can offer:

    Individual communication in question/answer format
    Snail tasting
    Practical lesson (you will personally take part in each process since all the infrastructure is in one area)

Already in the workshop, you can answer the following questions:

    How prepared are you for the snail business?
    What exactly do you want from this business?
    What volume of production do you expect?

We are ready to share our knowledge. If you are interested, welcome to the JIFFY farm!

The cost of a business workshop is 4000 UAH